Stamp Packet  List
F A Q' s :
What are stamp packets ?
   A stamp packet is a selection of stamps from a particular country, a topical or worldwide. Packets are available in various sizes from 25 different up to several thousand different stamps.
   Many of our stamp packets are shipped in window front envelopes which also make them attractive as gifts.
What type of stamps go into packets ?
   The smaller size packets will contain the basic,lower value stamps. As the packet size increases,the more higher value stamps are included. Many larger size packets will include complete sets.
   Packets may include mint,used and C.T.O. (canceled to order) if they are from a country that practices the issueing of c.t.o. stamps. The exception to this is,if it is stated that the stamps in a packet are all mint or all postally used.
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FREE  SHIPPING Yes, we pay all shipping costs on our stamp packets !!
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Why stamp packets ?
   Whether you are a beginning collector or just considering starting
a new country or topic, stamp packets are for you. Consider the economy of buying in bulk. When you consider the "price per stamp"of buying packets,you will be pleased at the value.