Welcome to the chat room.
​Some tips for new chatters.
​The bottom row of buttons,starting with the "B" box are :
​Bold type
Italic type
Change color of your type
Emoticons   ( smiley faces )
Sounds  ( turn on speakers )
Status if you leave the room temporarily
Arrow button is for disconnecting or reconnecting
Last button is for private chat.

Control panel top buttons:
Action, Options, Mobile and Help.
Action: Voice chat, not in use at this               time.
             Avatar, click here to pick an                avatar if you care to use one.
             Clear text, will clear all                         previous text in the chat.
              Connect, same function as                 arrow button below.

Options: These buttons allow you to                  pick your font style and font                size. The rest are self                          explanatory.

Mobile:  Have never had the                             opportunity to use this.                       However, if you are using a                 mobile device, give it a try                   and let us know how it's                       working.

Help:     Help is just that. Also                           includes a connectivity                       tester.

Let's chat
Don't worry about Tipos, Teepos or Typos.  We all make them.
Disclaimer: This chat room is not monitored 24/7. Therefore, we can not be responsible for language or validity of any transactions made on this chat room.
New office manager destroying 
stuffed rat and paper bag.