​Packets Plus began in 2000 with the object of promoting the already existing packet business 

and expanding into other collectibles. Due to many moves connected with our 

property management jobs, the business spent many hours and miles traveling on U-Haul trucks 

across the country. I was beginning to be known as the itinerant stamp dealer.

   I became a stamp dealer in 1974 and have enjoyed all of these years making new friends and 

helping young people get a start at stamp collecting. 

However, the time has come to turn in our U-Haul punch card and settle down. After ice storms in 

Arkansas, 127 degrees at the edge of Death Valley and horizontal blowing snow in Tonopah 

Nevada, it's time for warm desert living.

   We moved to Boulder City, Nevada 6 years ago and agreed, "This is it".  Vonna and I both love 

the desert. We are both working to expand the business to include a variety of collectibles. We 

hope you enjoy browsing through our site. We will be adding material weekly. Thank you.

                                                                                                                                                                               Bob and Vonna Bechtel
View of Lake Mead from Boulder City.
Our "fun" transportation.